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Hi! This is Naina here!

So what brings you here today?

Hmmm... either you received an e-mail from me, or you have been surfing using the Blogger Bar, or you wanted to check if there is anything new I made, or you wanted to copy a graphic you really liked, or you just wanted to see what I am upto!

Here's the latest going on with me!
What would you like to know?

the work I do and how my work might be useful to you

you may want to see all my work so far

you may want to know how I do my work and deal with clients

you might want to know the people I have worked with so far and

you might want to know how much I charge for my work!

All the above, the website will tell you. If there is anything else - e-mail me!

And my RESUME!
About this website
If you click on any graphic, a new window will open with a larger image of the same graphic.

All the text-hyperlinks - the links that take you to other pages - are bold and in red and when you take your mouse pointer over any text-hyperlink it turns blue. Visited links are a darker red.

Legal stuff
All ideas on this website are mine. Feel free to copy all of them! All graphics too are original - except where mentioned otherwise - if you like them, don't forget to copy the larger image! Of course client projects have images copyrighted so don't mess with that!
I make something new each day! This page is refreshed with new work whenever I have collected atleast five new drawings so visit weekly if you would like to keep track! Us the links below for navigation - they are the same as the ones under "What would you like to know?"